What is User Generated Content (UGC)?

User generated content

Ever wondered what all this talk about user-generated content is?


What does user-generated content even mean!? ?


Let’s break it down ??


User-generated content can also be referred to as UGC or consumer-generated content.


In a nutshell, UGC is content created by individuals who aren’t part of your business. These individuals are called Content Creators.


Some popular examples of user-generated content include:

  • Videos (like TikToks or Reels) ?
  • Images (you know, like the image posts on Instagram)
  • Blog posts, tweets, and, yes, even testimonials!


But, at Oysterly, we believe the most powerful UGC for businesses is UGC videos.


We collaborate with numerous talented Content Creators who produce UGC videos for the businesses we work with.


And here’s where things get interesting: we’ve noticed that user-generated content has grown significantly as more consumers prefer to see UGC on a brand’s social channels.


Gone are the days of glossy images and styled videos; people want to see real individuals they can relate to.


There are some misconceptions about user-generated content, so let’s clear those up ✅


UGC is a freebie!


Uh, nope!


While it might sound like a free ride, creators invest time, energy, and expertise.


And that’s worth something!


You’ll need to negotiate a rate when you engage a content creator to film UGC videos for your business.


No Need for Permission


Some businesses believe they can freely use any UGC without seeking permission. ❌


This can lead to legal issues, especially if the content is used for commercial purposes like for ads. You must always obtain proper rights and permissions from the content creator.


It’s Only For Social Media




At Oysterly, we specialise in UGC for social media channels, but you can also use UGC on your website, email campaigns, or other platforms.


UGC Is Only Positive


Not all UGC is positive.


You can receive negative reviews about your product or service. This means you MUST have a strategy for handling unfavourable UGC because ignoring it can harm your business.


It Lacks Quality


Authenticity is the new trend.


While UGC might not look like a polished TV commercial, its authenticity often makes it more impactful than high-gloss commercial content.


At Oysterly, we’ll create your UGC content strategy and research trending ideas for your business. We also handpick and brief the content creators to ensure a high standard for your brand.


It’s Unmanageable at Scale


Finding the right content creators can be time-consuming, but it’s worth the effort!


A quick way to source UGC content creators is to look on either Instagram or TikTok.


Once you have a list, you can contact them individually about a possible UGC collaboration.


Sourcing content creators for UGC is a big part of our offering at Oysterly, as we carefully match the right content creator to your business.


We have over 4,000 content creators in our closed group who have been vetted by our team and will deliver top-notch UGC.


If you want to see some examples, hop over to our Oysterly case studies page ? https://oysterly.co/case-studies/


One Size Fits All UGC Approach


Not quite.


What works on one platform might not on another. Customising and testing are key.


You should be reviewing the types of UGC videos that resonate with your audience and the UGC content creators who are delivering the best results for your business.


We track metrics such as video views, comments, saves, shares, likes, website visits, app downloads, sales and much more. ?


It Can Replace All Other Content


UGC is valuable, but it shouldn’t be your only content strategy.


Photos, professional videos, and influencer collaborations all play a role in effective marketing.

It’s Only for B2C


Many associate user-generated content with B2C brands, but B2B companies can benefit, too.


A great example is Mircosoft, which uses UGC for its B2B marketing.


If you visit microsoftedu on TikTok, you’ll see that they’re using user-generated content for 90% of their TikTok videos and are creating this type of content for teachers, which is a B2B UGC strategy. ⚡️


So, there you have it! ?


UGC is indeed a game-changer.


But, as with any game, understanding the rules and strategies is crucial.