What is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing involves working with well-known people who have an influence in their niche and can help advance a product, service, or brand.

These influencers are regarded as authorities or trendsetters in their fields and have a large following on their social media channels, blogs, or other online platforms.

Influencer marketing aims to shape audience attitudes and buying decisions by leveraging the influencers’ credibility and audience engagement, focusing on producing content that showcases or endorses the brand’s offerings.


Why You Should Use Influencer Marketing in 2024

9 Reasons Why ‼️


Refreshing Way To Market Your Brand  ?

Consumers perceive Influencer Marketing as a welcome change from traditional advertising media’s overwhelming and aggressive nature, which often feels too intrusive and saturated.

It’s understandable when you consider the role of influencers. They carefully select or seem to select from a vast array of options in any product category, offering their selections as tailored suggestions to their audience.

When done right, influencer partnerships can significantly increase your brand’s awareness because you connect with a new audience and ultimately get access to the influencer’s audience. This is an important factor in why you should invest in influencer marketing.

Influencer endorsements have the potential to cause an upward trend that will significantly raise consideration of your brand and help to humanise your product or service, making it more relatable to your customers.


Generate Sales For Your Business ?

Influencers can significantly enhance your sales through two key methods:

  1. Direct promotion: They can share an exclusive deal or discount code that drives direct sales on your website.
  2. Brand endorsement: By advocating for your brand, they contribute to enhancing its credibility and reputation.

Unlike certain traditional marketing tactics, influencer marketing offers tangible results.

This is because you can assess the effectiveness of your influencer campaigns by tracking the sales generated through the unique discount codes or by evaluating the reach and engagement metrics of their social media posts.

At Oysterly, we provide comprehensive reports to our partnering brands, ensuring they are fully informed about their campaign performance and return on investment. 


Grain Credibility and Trust ?

Since Influencers have developed an engaged community on social media, they are more relatable to their followers, and their recommendations are frequently taken more seriously than those from conventional advertisers.

By utilising the right influencers who genuinely align with your brand, you can gain the confidence and trust of new potential customers. This is important when selecting the right influencer for your brand.

If people don’t trust your brand, selling your product or service becomes significantly harder.


Reach Your Target Audience ?

Imagine advertising your business in a magazine. How can you guarantee who actually sees your advertisement?

On the other hand, collaborating with influencers in niches that closely align with your brand targets specific audiences that might be difficult to reach otherwise.

This might seem obvious, but it is a big reason why brands invest in influencer marketing so that they can get seen by people who are most likely to purchase.


Get Engagement With Your Brand

Is there a lot of love for your brand?

Do you find that your customers are actively commenting and engaging with you on social media?

If not, influencer marketing can change this for you.

Influencers are very good at creating content that helps new potential customers interact with your brand because influencers tend to share personal experiences and stories that resonate with their audience. This authenticity creates a more relatable and engaging narrative for your business, which would be hard to achieve otherwise.

But what we think is really important at Oysterly is that, unlike traditional advertising, influencers can create short-form videos in their own style using unique video editing features available on social media apps.

And this is where the magic happens because influencers can develop an emotional connection that will make your brand more memorable and impactful. ?


Influencers Can Humanise Your Brand ?

At Oysterly, we facilitate close collaboration between you and the influencer and will guide them on your brand’s guidelines.

This enables them to create content that humanises your brand and prompts their followers to engage actively, such as by leaving comments. This can also be really good insight for your business as you’ll be getting real-time data into what people are talking about in relation to your business and potentially competitor brands.

At Oysterly, we can develop your TikTok brand guidelines to ensure the influencer understands your brand and the project’s specific requirements.


Appear In More Search Results ?

Did you know that social media platforms have become powerful search engines?

You MUST create search-friendly content so that when someone is searching for something that relates to your brand, your content appears in the search results on social media.

For example, if you’re a marketing manager of a resort in Bali, you might work with an influencer to create a video about the 3 best things to do in Bali for couples, and they feature an activity from your resort, such as a couples cooking class.

When someone is searching for the best things to do in Bali for couples, the influencer’s content has a good chance to appear in the search results and will enhance your visibility. ⚡️


Influencers Can Educate Your Buyers ?‍?

What we love about Influencer marketing at Oysterly is that Influencers are great at storytelling and can highlight the characteristics of your products.

Did you know that our brains are hardwired for stories, so by creating a narrative about your brand, storytelling will enhance product recall and foster a stronger bond?

The video editing available on platforms like TikTok, Instagram, Facebook and so on has meant that influencers can create short-form video content that, in our opinion, is better than a TV commercial ?

Let me explain ??

We’ve been creating all the TikTok videos and Instagram Reels for SpudBAR, and a big part of their marketing strategy has been working with Influencers who live in Melbourne.

We carefully handpicked influencers who aligned with the TikTok content pillars we developed for SpudBAR, and one theme was about healthy eating. Therefore, we had influencers film videos showing their healthy eating habits and how they built a salad bowl, revealing their favourite ingredients. ?

These videos did tremendously well and achieved great engagement. ?

Here is one example from Tiffany, the creator of Melfoodalbum, and the video she created achieved over 23k views, 14 comments and a massive 637 likes.

You can see the Instagram Reel by clicking here 



Extended Partnerships ?

Consider whether this could become a long-term partnership when you work with influencers. Over time, these influencers evolve into genuine brand advocates, actively promoting your products and services. Their ongoing visibility to their audience helps cultivate lasting brand loyalty.

You must find influencers that align closely with your brand and values to do this. This will create a symbiotic relationship that supports the brand and influencer.

For example, we love seeing influencer partnerships when the influencer has genuinely been using the brand’s product or service before they entered a partnership.

You can do the same by searching on social media and seeing if people use your brand’s hashtag or talk about your product. Then, you can reach out to discuss a potential partnership with the influencer.

Influencers are key in influencing consumer behaviour and will help you develop trustful connections with your target audience.

The big takeaway is to take influencer marketing seriously and incorporate it into your 2024 marketing strategy.

Final Thoughts

When you partner with the right influencers, you can establish trustful relationships with your target audience and expand your reach, so what are you waiting for?  ?


If you want to invest in Influencer Marketing in 2024, feel free to request a time to chat further.