TikTok SEO: Boost Your Reach In 2024 [proven framework]

TikTok SEO

4 PROVEN TikTok SEO hacks to grow your TikTok account FAST.

Did you know?

TikTok has an impressive 1.1 billion monthly active users globally, accounting for approximately 25% of all active internet users ?

This user base offers businesses a goldmine of opportunity to increase their brand awareness and attract new customers.

Here’s how you can make your brand more discoverable on TikTok ??


Number 4

TikTok Content Pillars Are Gamechanging 

Determine your TikTok content pillars! 

This is similar to building a house. ?

You wouldn’t build a house without the right foundation, so why would you start posting on TikTok without the right TikTok content foundation?

While it might be tempting to centre your content solely around your product or service, you must consider what else your audience would be genuinely interested in. 

For example:

Imagine you’re a business selling sustainable products.

Instead of just showcasing your items on TikTok, which would fall into the ‘product’ content pillar.

Instead, imagine creating a series on “Sustainable Living Tips” and sharing helpful advice, such as how to shop for second-hand furniture or how to store your food for longer periods properly with engaging TikTok videos ?

You’re not talking about your brand, but instead, you’re offering valuable advice that positions you as a thought leader, setting you apart from your competitors.

And your audience will love this! ?


Number 3

You Must Research On TikTok

The motto here is to understand before you create!

TikTok is an amazing search platform. ?

So, what I need you to do is open up your TikTok app and search for your industry, and you’ll be surprised by the short, engaging videos.

Spend time watching these TikToks to understand what works, what doesn’t, and how you can offer a unique perspective.

A big bonus TIP is also to read the TikTok comments to see what questions people are asking and then create TikToks answering these questions.

This is a great way to create TikToks that are optimised for TikTok search.✅

Let me share an example.

At Oysterly, we partnered with RMIT Training University, whose target audience is international students.

Therefore, we researched “International Student Melbourne” on TikTok and found that there were gaps in the content and discovered a big opportunity to create TikToks about local student activities in Melbourne.

We took advantage of this opportunity by creating a TikTok highlighting things to do around Melbourne as an international student, and this TikTok got over 1.9 million views ? ??

This shows the power of TikTok SEO.





Number 2

Your TikTok Video Structure Matters [A LOT]!

This is the secret sauce for a successful TikTok – Your TikTok video must have a Hook, Body and Call to Action.


This is the start of your TikTok and is really important because you want to stop someone from scrolling to watch your video.

Here are some of our favourite TikTok hooks, which you can steal and use in your videos!

  • This is a reminder to do [blank]
  • This is the story of [blank]
  • This is a huge realisation I’ve had about [blank], and here’s why
  • This trick will save you hours
  • Here’s the truth about [blank] I know this because I have [blank]


This is where you share the ‘meat’ of your content. It’s like the meat of a hamburger or a veggie patty if you’re vegetarian like me 😉

You must continue to deliver value to your viewers so they watch your TikTok til the end.

TikTok tracks things like watch time and will reward you by showing your TikToks to more people if your average watch time is high.

You can view this metric for each video in your TikTok analytics.

Call to Action (CTA)

A CTA is an action you want the viewer to take, and while it’s tempting to add a CTA in every TikTok video, moderation is key.

Reserve CTAs for about 50% of your content to avoid coming off as overly promotional. When you do include a CTA, make it count and align with your TikTok video objective. Whether it’s a gentle “Follow us for more” or one of my favourite “Save this for later.”

Remember, CTAs aren’t just about direct sales.❌

A video that’s frequently shared or saved speaks volumes to TikTok’s algorithm, enhancing your content’s visibility. ?



Number 1

Supercharge Your TikTok SEO

Don’t make the mistake of just posting your TikTok video WITHOUT doing these things!

You must follow the TikTok SEO steps to make your videos more discoverable.

TikTok Text On The Screen 

This is the text you see at the start of the video and often is in BIG TEXT.

The purpose is to use this as a hook and to highlight your video’s main idea with a keyword-centric title at its start.

Example ??



TikTok Captions

Use impactful keywords and attention-catching emojis, and emphasise words like “BEST”, which you can see in the example above with the caption – BEST romantic places to visit in Italy.

This conveys your video’s essence both to viewers and the search algorithm.


TikTok Hashtags Matter

We’ve seen the best results by using 4–6 relevant hashtags in the TikTok caption.

Ensure the first one directly reflects your video, and always include a hashtag representing your brand, boosting brand visibility.

Just like in the example above ?? the first hashtag is #italy


Remember, TikTok is a powerful search engine ?

By using these TikTok SEO hacks, you can make your content more discoverable and get more eyes on your brand for massive exposure.