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TikTok advertising relies on showing your ads to your target audience who are on the social media platform and featuring your product or service in the short form videos you see on the TikTok feed.


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A non-intrusive form of advertising for your business.

If you watch short vertical videos on your commute or in your downtime on social media platforms like TikTok, you might not even realise it, but you’ll be watching TikTok ads!!

TikTok’s telltale signs of paid ads are when the videos are labelled as “sponsored,” “learn more,” or other call-to-action terms.

When done right, It might be difficult to spot the difference between an organic TikTok video ad and a TikTok video ad!

This means that TikTok advertisements only work well when you know how to create good social media content. And that’s how we can help!

Key takeaways

Smart brands have realised the power of TikTok. 

It’s not just a platform to deliver your message to your target audience, but also a platform where you can grow a highly engaged community of customers. 

Did you know that TikTok’s advertising platform also relies on the TikTok algorithm?

As a TikTok agency partner, we understand the TikTok algorithm because we’re actively posting on our own TikTok profiles and have created over 10,000 TikToks for businesses.

So, friend, we know exactly what works! 

We’ll closely monitor your TikTok content and TikTok ad performance so we can exceed your marketing objectives. 

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Are we a TikTok advertising agency?

Yes, but the Oysterly way. 👌

At Oysterly, we specialise in TikTok advertising and are a recognised authority in TikTok social media marketing. 

We don’t talk in marketing jargon or make things difficult. 

Some social media companies can often use a lot of acronyms and confusing terms, especially when planning a media strategy and analysing results.

That’s not us. 

At Oysterly, we’ll explain things so you’re crystal clear on your TikTok ads process, and understand your results and what the achievements mean for your business. 

Our TikTok advertising strategy combines video content creation – we can create all your TikTok videos!

Plus, we’ll manage your paid media to maximise your impact and reach on TikTok.
TikTok ads are suitable for businesses of all sizes, whether you’re a small business or a larger corporation.

We have years of experience with running TikTok ads, and we’ll set up your TikTok campaign so that you get precise targeting capabilities that reach your target customers.

By having the right TikTok campaign setup, we can target your customers through information like age group, gender, location, language, interests and much more, which is available in the TikTok ads platform. 

Our TikTok team of friendly experts will give you insight and help set your business up for success so you can gain the benefits of TikTok advertising.

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We’ll create a results-driven TikTok ads campaign.

By partnering with Oysterly, we’ll deliver incredible results for your business.

We pinky promise!

The Oysterly founder, Melissa, explains that her family didn’t have a lot when she was a child.

She was taught at a very young age the value of money and the importance of working hard.

This is Oysterly’s mindset.

We think about your money, like our money, which means we’ll make every cent count in your TikTok ads campaign.

Whether you need us for an ad-hoc TikTok ads campaign or are interested in a longer-term TikTok partnership, our role is to unlock new possibilities to elevate your business and get a healthy return on your investment.

To do this, we know that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to TikTok advertising.

Every business is different and requires a unique approach to TikTok marketing.

Here are just a few things that make us different and how we’ll supercharge your TikTok ad campaigns:

  • TikTok social listening
  • High-performance optimisation

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How will social listening affect the performance of my TikTok advertisements?

We spend a lot of time understanding what works and doesn’t work on TikTok.

We closely monitor social media content daily and will review highly relevant keywords for your business and industry.

At Oysterly, we use active social listening by paying close attention to TikTok trends and how your audience reacts to other TikTok videos in your industry.

Plus, we use special tools to analyse data to clarify the best approach for your TikTok ads strategy.

You must know that social listening starts before launching your TikTok ads because we must understand the content and messaging that best connects your customers.

If you don’t do this step, you’ll waste a lot of money on your TikTok ad spend!

What do you mean by TikTok high-performance optimisation?

This is where it gets a bit technical, but hang in there!

So we can understand your target audience and their buying behaviour, TikTok marketing allows us to add relevant tracking links like a pixel to your campaign.

This means that we can seamlessly gather insights about your customer’s activity and engagement, which will help maximise the performance of your TikTok ads campaign.

We’ll enhance your TikTok ads by ensuring your videos are engaging and doing what it’s supposed to do with capturing your audience’s attention.

If TikTok A/B testing is necessary to decide which ad is more suitable for driving better results for your campaign, we will set up TikTok A/B testing for you.

These TikTok optimisation tactics will gain you more customers and boost sales.

Do you know your TikTok Ads?

TikTok marketing campaigns are effective for businesses that want to reach their customers throughout the marketing funnel.

Below are some of the TikTok marketing ad placements that combine both TikTok organic videos and TikTok classic ads.

This TikTok ad format is the videos you can see on your For You Page (FYP) on the social media platform. This type of advertising feels like you’re viewing content that is native and organic because TikTok In-Feed Ads don’t look intrusive on your audience’s feed!

You’ll typically see a Call-To-Action (CTA) button at the bottom of the video that usually leads to the landing page of a website.

This is a powerful TikTok ad if you want to drive qualified traffic to your website or generate conversations!

We love Spark Ads!

This is when we boost your organic TikTok content from your TikTok profile and run it as a TikTok ad. It’s highly effective!

TikTok Spark Ads appear like an In-Feed Ad, meaning this ad format looks native on the TikTok feed.
Smart brands have taken advantage of this ad format in their TikTok campaigns, given the organic nature of the videos and the positive campaign results.

Your customers will be drawn to watch TikTok Spark Ads instead of scrolling past because they don’t look like an outright advertisement, and your customers can also comment on your TikTok Spark Ads.

Yes, this is where TikTok ads reign supreme – because TikTok Spark Ads make your advertising less of a sales pitch to your TikTok audience!

When you open your TikTok app, do you immediately see a full-screen TikTok ad?

TopView Ads appear on your For You Feed after opening the TikTok app. TopView ads are full-screen and high-impact.

This is your prime choice if your campaign goal is brand awareness. You can expect high reach and impressions with this format of TikTok Ads.

TikTok Top View Ads make capturing your target audience’s attention easier because the TikTok content they see on the social platform is the first thing they look at when they open their app.

It allows brands to drive traffic to their internal or external landing pages with higher clickability. This form of online advertising significantly impacts users when they open their TikTok app.

This form of TikTok advertising increases audience engagement and participation.

This is achieved by you as the brand partnering with Content Creators or Influencers who help promote the branded hashtag and get TikTok users to join the challenge.
Your audience can use this hashtag to express themselves and uniquely bring your brand to life.

It’s a powerful way to build an engaged community on TikTok.

However, it would be best if you supported a TikTok Branded Hashtag challenge with a robust TikTok ads campaign to get eyes on your hashtag and encourage people to participate.