How Does The TikTok Algorithm Work?

You have a big problem if your videos on TikTok are stuck between the 100 to 300 mark on TikTok. ?


I call this the TikTok jail. ?‍?


To fix this immediately, you must know how the TikTok algorithm works, which will help you escape this danger zone. ❌⚠️


We specialise in creating user generated content for TikTok and have posted 1,000’s of TikToks, so we’ve learnt how the TikTok algorithm works, and also TikTok algorithm hacks to go viral. ?


This is what you need to know. ?


So, when you post your video on TikTok, it’s shown to a small group of people. 


A lot of people don’t know this, but what the TikTok algorithm is trying to do is that it wants to test your video and see how good it is.


So, it’s looking at things like watch time. ⏱


Is it only 10% of the video? 


Is it 90%? 


Also, the TikTok algorithm is going to look at engagement. ??


So things like how many comments you’re getting, likes, that’s a big one!!! 


Also, saves and shares.


This is called the TikTok algorithm testing phase.


Let’s chat more about this  ??


1. Understanding the TikTok Testing Phase


Did you know that all TikToks start by being shown to a small group of people? 


This is TikToks way of testing how good your content is. 


Factors such as watch time and engagement in terms of likes, comments, saves, and shares play an integral role in deciding the fate of your video. 


Essentially, this is the testing phase or what I like to call the ‘TikTok jail’ because you’re often only getting a few hundred views in the testing phase. 


Your primary goal is to get past this phase to ensure a wider reach. ?


So, if you can get out of this testing phase, you move into the next phase, and essentially, the TikTok algorithm will repeat this process. 


It’s going to show your TikTok video to more people. You might often see this on TikTok, or maybe it’s happened to you where you start to get thousands of views on your TikTok video, but they still remain around that, say, 3,000 TikTok view mark.


And if your video hits all the criteria in this phase, you move into the next phase and the next phase, and finally, your video will go viral on TikTok. ???


2. How The Algorithm Promotes Your TikToks 


One of the key things that many overlook is that videos can be discovered in various ways on TikTok. 


While the ‘For You Page’ is in the primary feed as you scroll, your TikTok video analytics will show that there are multiple sections, including hashtags, personal profiles, and more, with how people can discover your videos on TikTok. 


To leverage this, you need to focus on keywords relevant to your content that users might be searching for ?

Keywords are search terms that people use when they conduct a search. 


Now, I’m going to give you a PRO TIP here ✅


When you decide to use keywords in your TikTok video, use the keywords at the start.


If you want to know exactly what I mean, you can head over to my TikTok profile, and watch some of the pinned videos. I am using keywords right at the start of these TikToks. 


And you can do exactly the same. ⭐️

Now, using keywords is important for two reasons ??


1.You’re telling the TikTok algorithm exactly what your video is about. So, the algorithm will show your video to people who are more likely to be interested in this type of content. 


2. When someone is scrolling on the TikTok feed, and you are really clear about what your video is about, you’ve got a really good powerful video hook that’s going to encourage them to watch your video, and that’s going to help you boost your watch time on TikTok.


This video reveals TikTok hacks to help you beat the algorithm? ?

I explain step by step exactly how you can get out of TikTok jail  ?‍?