Case Studies

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Increase brand awareness and associated for RMIT Training in key asian countries.


We carefully enlisted the right Content Creators to help humanise RMIT Training by filming TikToks that offered a glimpse into university life. 

These vidoes were posted on RMIT Training’s account and showcased the student experience, as well as various aspects of living in Melbourne, such as exploring its coffee culture, affordable dining options, and encounters with cute Australian wildlife. 

We also share valuable student tips on topics like securing part-time employment, finding suitable student housing, and fostering new friendships.



We experienced a tremendous increase in followers in key markets, with a remarkable uplift of 175,117% in a short period. 


TikTok Views

We successfully raised significant awareness for the RMIT Training brand.


Comment Uplift

an increase in comments and questions regarding the sign-up process at RMIT Training


TikTok Views

We experienced a tremendous increase in followers in key markets, with a remarkable uplift of 175,117% in a short period. 


Increase consideration with their target audience by showing the benefits of booking with Luxury Escapes. 


We began by conducting comprehensive research and created specific TikTok content pillars for Luxury Escapes. We then crafted TikTok scripts and curated travel content from various destinations

After carefully selecting travel content creators,  we briefed  them on clear instructions about the TikTok video concepts. These creators successfully produced TikTok videos that aligned with Luxury Escapes’ vision and goals.

The TikToks were posted  on Luxury Escapes’ TikTok account, resulting in a significant influx of new followers within their primary market, higher website visitation, and enhanced community engagement


Website clicks

Significant increase in website traffic to Luxury Escapes as a result of people clicking on the link provided in the TikTok bio


Reached Audience

We reached a massive audience, which greatly assisted in showcasing the benefits of Luxury Escapes.


New Followers

We grew and engaged community using user generated content produced by Oysterly.


Uplift In Comments

Both existing and potential customers are engaging with Luxury Escapes.


Launch their brand on TikTok to increase credibility and reach.


We conducted extensive research to identify popular TikTok trends and uncovered exciting content possibilities for YHA Australia.

We then created their TikTok content pillars and developed unique content ideas to boost YHA Australia’s visibility on TikTok search.

To execute this strategy, we collaborated with more than 8 Oysterly Content Creators who specialise in travel and lifestyle content.



In only 16 days, the brand-new TikTok account attracted 1,000 followers


TikTok Views

We achieved extensive reach and visibility for the brand


New comments

Asking questions & sharing their love for YHA



The fun TikTok-style videos drove lots of comments, likes, shares & saves