Best ChatGPT Prompts for TikTok

Free formula with how you can use ChatGPT to create viral TikTok videos.


I’ve broken it down into 5 easy steps so that you can supercharge your TikTok marketing and grow your TikTok account. ??


1. Research Your Ideas on TikTok ?


Before anything, you must do some groundwork and valid content ideas about your service or products. 


Since we want to post videos on TikTok, you MUST do your research on TikTok and also because TikTok is a powerful search engine. 


If you look at the top of your TikTok profile, you’ll see a search bar.


This is similar to how you would search on Google. 


Now, I’m going to give you a TikTok PRO TIP here, and it’s what we do at our TikTok Marketing Agency 


Search your product or service using the TikTok desktop version (not the app), which I’ll share in step 2! 


Here’s an example of how I would search on TikTok with using a real case study from an Oysterly client. 


We worked with a prominent university, and our role at Oysterly was to create TikToks that attracted international students to their TikTok profile and to help boost enrollment. ✅


Therefore, on TikTok, we searched  “how to study overseas” on TikTok’s search bar. 


A PRO TIP: Use “how to” followed by your topic of interest. You’ll be surprised by the diverse and relevant video topics you’ll find on TikTok. 


2. TikTok Related Searches 


Once you hit search, TikTok will reveal videos relating to your search query. 


But I want you to pay attention to the side panel on the right of TikTok. 


It lists terms that people also search for.


This list is a goldmine ?


And you can only see this list of people also search for topics by using the TikTok desktop version! 


Copy this list into a new document (I personally prefer Google Docs) and narrow them down to about 6 strong video ideas you want to create for TikTok.  


3. Harness the Power of ChatGPT


Once you have your 6 TikTok topics, it’s time to let ChatGPT do its magic. 


Here’s the ChatGPT prompt to create TikTok videos (and that I swear by!):


 “Create 12 viral TikTok video scripts. Provide two scripts per topic, with an engaging hook, body, call to action, and video style recommendation.”


Next, you need to add your 6 chosen topics underneath this ChatGPT prompt. 


You can watch the YouTube video if you need help with what this should look like ??


You can then paste your TikTok prompt into ChatGPT. 


You’ll then see ChatGPT start writing your TikTok scripts, and what I love about this is that the scripts are based on data.


This means that we’ve validated what people are searching for on TikTok and then are using ChatGPT for your TikTok creation. 


PRO TIP: We’ve asked ChatCPT for two TikTok scripts per topic because it will give you options. You might like to use both scripts or only one of the two. 




4. Craft the TikTok Perfect Caption and Hashtags


The next important part of growing on TikTok is selecting the best TikTok hashtags and writing your TikTok caption.


But don’t worry. We can use  ChatGPT to write your TikTok captions and select viral hashtags.  


This is the TikTok ChatGPT prompt that you can use.  ??


Write an engaging TikTok caption for each video script and select 4-6 most searched hashtags. Generate what the text on the screen should be for each video using less than 5 words.


PRO TIP:  I’ve analysed so many viral TikTok videos, and do you know what they have in common? ?


They use text on the screen in the first few seconds of their TikTok video, which will stop someone from scrolling and will boost your TikTok video watch time.  Nuff said! ??


5. Using ChatGPT For TikTok 


ChatGPT will help streamline your TikTok marketing and make the TikToks you create more tailored to your target audience.


By using these ChatGPT prompts I’ve created, it means you can easily produce well-crafted TikTok scripts, engaging hooks and TikTok captions, and powerful hashtags that will help grow your TikTok account. ?


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