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What is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing involves working with well-known people who have an influence in their niche and can help advance a product, service, or brand. These influencers are regarded as authorities or trendsetters in their fields and have a large following on their social media channels, blogs, or other online platforms. Influencer

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User generated content

What is User Generated Content (UGC)?

Ever wondered what all this talk about user-generated content is?   What does user-generated content even mean!? ?   Let’s break it down ??   User-generated content can also be referred to as UGC or consumer-generated content.   In a nutshell, UGC is content created by individuals who aren’t part

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TikTok SEO

TikTok SEO: Boost Your Reach In 2024 [proven framework]

4 PROVEN TikTok SEO hacks to grow your TikTok account FAST. Did you know? TikTok has an impressive 1.1 billion monthly active users globally, accounting for approximately 25% of all active internet users ? This user base offers businesses a goldmine of opportunity to increase their brand awareness and attract

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